How to concentrate

When you are browsing the web restrict your usage to only 3 browser tabs. That’s it. No more tabs.

When you have to open a 4th tab, close one of the previous. This will get you thinking if you really need to open that another tab and help keep you being focused on a task.

Enjoy your freedom now!

How to get started

How do you get past procrastination and get started on something?

First and foremost, define what stops you.

  • Are you afraid of a failure or you are simply cannot get to the idea of doing something boring over a long period of time?
  • Are you thinking to yourself you are not good at it, so what’s the point of getting started at all?
  • Are you measuring your success to that of others?
  • Are you at all sure this is what you WANT to do instead of that you HAVE to do it. Can the first overweight the later? This is the question of motivation.

Asking these questions will get you to clear your thoughts and feelings a little bit and define a bit better what the problem is. Until you define it for yourself, you cannot get to solving it.

Just get started.

Then start doing something.

I’m not talking here about rearranging your folders on a desktop or cleaning the bathroom just to keep yourself busy and spend more time of NOT doing. I’m talking about thing, a small thing, that gets you progressing at that very BIG thing you are procrastinating about.

It may be cleaning up your hard drive for more space for your design, updating your OS to install a newer version of Sketch or writing down a business plan – it doesn’t have to be much, just a little something to get you moving.

I know it may be hard to do, but think about it like a separate thing you do, apart of your BIG thing you are procrastinating about.

Once you get that little thing done, pat yourself on a back or mark it as completed on your todo list, even if there’s just one item in there. You’ll feel better. I promise :) You’ll get a feeling that you’ve accomplished something meaningful today, something that leads you to your big goal.

And once you get it rolling, you’ll see you are on a progress to something. You’ll feel more energized, motivated and optimistic! That’s when you get to start of thinking about doing that BIG thing. Don’t rush yourself. If you feel the energy to do that, great! If not, do another small thing on a progress to that BIG thing, just keep it separate. And write another check mark near your small finished thing.

Now you’ve actually got started! Congratulations!

On being inspired

Never enough inspiration

You can never get enough inspiration it seems. It just comes and goes but what do you do if inspiration doesn’t strike at exactly that moment when you are working on a project? Does it come to you naturally with time? I wish I knew.

For me, inspiration is something you must earn. Yes, you heard me right – earn with late hours, detailed studying of works of best of the best in this industry and sometimes others and keep going no matter what – be it rejection or slight move of enthusiasm or motivation.


London eye

Inspiration that comes naturally

What inspires me:

  • Typography
  • Articles about juicy and classic design things
  • Music (Ludovico Einaudi is the best – it’s uplifting and inspiring)
  • Gorgeous photos of nature




I never know enough of inspiration. Because when it comes, it stays for only as long as it wants. I never offered it a cup of coffee, so that’s maybe why ;)

I love creating no matter what  - be it a sketch of mountains, a cozy but awkward mockup with iPhone’s Adobe Ideas app or something completely different, like a good taken shot with iPhone’s camera.

I get amazed by people and situations we live in when traveling. After getting “enough” of sketches and photo shots, I like to get cozy and talk to my muse. I noticed it doesn’t like schedule, so when it’s there, it’s there and I get a glimpse of what I may be capable of with her little help.

Respecting yourself is the best motivation I know

After all, I think you need to believe in yourself and whatever you do, no matter how hard that seems sometimes. You HAVE TO and you OWE it to yourself to do so.

Give yourself at least some credit for what you were able to accomplish until now, because if you don’t, no one else probably will. Love and respect yourself. Be your own best friend.

Good design

Design is only as good as it fulfills its purpose – attracts the user, makes them do what you want them to do and gives a high value in return.

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